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However, it won’t matter to you or him – you’ll just know that you make each other’s lives better. Thank you Thank You Laura. They’re very attentive to their owners, and most will enjoy having a job to do. Hey there, Roger. I have PTSD/Agoraphobia, and heart problems. We have a recliner up against the wall below the light switch and she will jump on the seat, then up on the back of the recliner and flip the switch, she knows how to go get help so if something happens when I’m in the bathroom or in an different area of the grocery store we taught her to sniff them out alert them and bring them back to me she also knows how to get other people but typically goes and gets someone she knows if I’m with someone she knows like my neighbor or a doctor I see often that she now knows. I have a Rottweiler I specifically for for my diability. Life would be a dark painful place without Zamiel in it to guide me through. She has turned into my little mischievous, wall paper ripping, waking you up at 2 am to play, tearing up everyting if you left her alone for five minutes, super hyper and stubborn puppy into this Incredibly loyal, do everything the first time asked, loyal, loving and helpful creature. I have datchund that’s probably not how you spell it but he’s like an emotional Support dog, Hey, Austin. That having been said, my first service animal (autism, ADHD & PTSD) was a Staffordshire Terrier that was gifted to me already trained as a service animal. Also, I’ve never owned a dog before. It’s important to select a service dog that suits your specific needs, but the following ten breeds are some of the most popular choices by those who need a four-footed assistant! That said, I think any of the four you mention may be a good choice. Grooming cost are on the rise with everything else. Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular … Best Service Dog Breeds of 2020. I believe they can be both. I excused myself from the room and went behind the room and sat down in a corner, my mom came out a few seconds later and I passed out, my mom sat there with me until I woke up and soon after the trainer excused herself from the class and asked if I was okay. She was only 2 lbs when I got her and is now only 17 lbs but when she was about 4 months old she started doing what the cocker spaniel was, I believe picking up alerting after her. Some may not agree but she’s perfect for me. German shepherds are most commonly associated with guard and protection work, but they also make good service dogs. I’ve contacted agencies in our are with little or no help unless you have plenty of money I am 100% disabled vet. While the ten breeds discussed above are some of the best breeds for service work, there are plenty of exceptions and you should always try to find a dog who’s well-suited to provide the kind of service you need. This was so interesting. Great Danes do drool quite a bit, so they aren’t ideal for all owners. Anyone have an idea for a dog that is good for both hearing tasks and balance work? Ben is the senior content editor for K9 of Mine and has spent most of his adult life working as a wildlife educator and animal-care professional. Either of those breeds would probably work. Click below to see our current selection of giant dog breeds for sale. One of these comorbidities to mention is called Systemic Mastocitosis. Best of luck! I can do this. You needn’t take my word for any of this – look at how well this Great Dane is helping his person. Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. Your home environment will have an impact on the most suitable breed of dog for you. Brushing him daily (to keep the shedding down) is actually therapeutic for me. I edited your email address to protect you from the bots! In a nut shell, my bone marrow produces way too many Mast Cells. People say service dogs can’t be pets but I disagree. Giant Dog Breeds Share your Results: Facebook Twitter. We are just getting started. Border Collie Mixed Breeds: Brave, Charismatic & Charming Collie Combos. They’re also pretty smart and easy to train, and most pit bulls have a strong work drive. She gives my life a purpose. What's The Best Dog Breed For Me? The next two classes we were put in the smallest classes and moved around as dogs would drop out and had one and a half classes where Maggie was the only dog and one where there were two other dogs. I guess any ideas? Thank you again for the discussion on the differences . Best of luck! Other than one man in northern California, is there anyone in Florida who would know how to properly make the proper harness for my dog? Make the quiz to see which dog is right for you! She acted as if she had been doing it for years, She helps with ptsd, Anxiety, mobility. Many sites offers different dog breed selector quizzes and doggy matchmaking tools to set you up with your perfect dog breed. Best of luck! We'll narrow down more than 300 breeds for you. Many have enough size and strength to help mobility-impaired owners get around, they are attentive enough to notice when their person is feeling anxious, and they have a powerful sense of smell, which makes them well-suited for monitoring blood sugar levels. Our Dog Breed Selector can help you to determine which type of dog you should get! I have experience with dogs (mainly small ones) and have a active lifestyle. You don’t typically need any certification for an emotional support dog (although there are plenty of companies that’ll gladly provide you with a “certification” in exchange for your money). Play Again! I was recently diagnosed with severe seperation anxiety, severe anxiety in general,and PTSD. This will help ensure they don’t mangle the objects you expect them to fetch. A giant dog breed is best for you! Plus, they look great in a service vest! Whether it’s small, medium, large, or giant, each breed presents something to be proud of. © The American Kennel Club, Inc. 2020. Best of luck! The Top and Best Dog Breed for Me. The test will show you the 5 best dog breeds that match for you. We hope this guide will help you learn a little more about the difference between dog breeds and what breeds can make the best family dogs. Is such a great emotional support dog, Sheloves being there for me, is a large black Labrador retriever .And she has the best personality, she is older anx loves every1, but mostly. I would prefer a cross-trained dog due to the multiple disabilities I have had since birth / childhood. Tell us all about him! Thank you for the great advice! And good luck! Mast cells activate Histamine therefore I can have a severe allergic reaction to anything at any time. The good thing about Labradors as the best dog breeds for service dogs is they can both be relaxed and in full throttle if need be. They’re also remarkably easy to train, and most love having a job to do. Find the right dog for you – check out these great sites below that make choosing a dog breed easy. Labs can perform a variety of services for their owners, but they’re especially helpful for mobility-impaired owners who need help grabbing or manipulating items. Note that therapy dogs are usually not expected to help their owners feel better – they are primarily tasked with helping cheer up other people. I suffer from severe hearing loss (I’m not deaf, but significantly impacted) and I have narcolepsy, so I have disorientation and ‘drunk walking’ spells. Yes she’s stubborn but she’s incredibly intelligent. There are many standard questions that people ask when choosing a service dog that will best fit their needs. Is any of this feasible? I need the dog to grab my meds for me (in a pill box), grab my PJ’s for me. I have a three year old pitbull for my PTSD and other disabilities. One I did write back sending them a link to info about Systemic Mastocitosis and a note for my doctor explaining how we can have allergic reactions to things like textures which I think is the issue with the course hair because I cant help put up a Christmas tree in the winter, wear anything with exposed velcro etc or ill break out where my skin rubs against it and how this over production of mast cells, especially when exposed to triggers typically eventually causes mast cell leukemia. He is so loving and gentle, but you would not want to make the mistake of trying to hurt me, I’m looking for a dog for a variety of reasons I have emotional anxiety depression and hearing loss my dr gave me a letter for one I live in a studio apartment what kind of dog would be good for me I’m up in the air with finding the right dog. Thoughtfully and seriously assess your needs before making a decision, and you'll live long, happy lives together. By p.s. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. Do you know a local person or organization that can help me with this issue? Thanks for sharing your story! What age is best for a emotional support dog to go to school with me..? In fact, pit bulls are one of the friendliest breeds around, and well-trained individuals are generally very well-behaved in public situations. Because of her size we use a dog stroller when we go out in public, too many people don’t understand the difference between Service Animal and pets. Poodle. Service and support dogs must be relatively calm to ensure they don’t cause disturbances when you are in public. Thanks. She can now retrieve several named items. I just wanted to say that my husband with CPTSD from being a combat veteran has a Labrador retriever as his service dog, and she is wonderful. The biggest thing is she has been one fabulous young lady and I shall miss her dearly. Using our Dog Breed Selector, just answer a series of questions, and we'll find the right breed of dog for you. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I have had very good experiences with German Shepherds in the past (a friend of mine breeds and raises them — her male alpha took me on as his ‘person and his task’ the day we met, even without a harness he was walking beside me trying to protect me from a fall), but am finding that most breeds (if not all of the ones listed here) are on the restricted breed list at 95 percent of the apartment complexes I am investigating for housing. She thinks she’s a big shot when she gets to ride in my chair like its her thrown or something. After reading this article, I am still not sure which breed I want to go with; shoot, if I could have four, I would have one each Border collies are often considered the smartest breed in the world, so it shouldn’t be surprising that they make excellent service dogs (note that many of the other brainy breeds, including Labs, poodles, and German shepherds are also on this list). My dog just turned 6 months old and is very smart. Find out which dog breed best matches your personality. If you have any experience with Rottweiler as a service dog, I’d love to hear from you. Hey, Darlene. Typically, you can expect a service dog to cost you anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000. Once I was paralyzed I wanted to work on her reliability so that when I let her out, if it was wet and I couldn’t go in the yard I could let her go on her own and she would come when called every time, not just when I had a treat and when that treat was tasty enough so I took her to petsmart. Betty was a remarkably intelligent and attentive partner. Maybe someone can help. I am skillfully scanning the environment for the best service companion. Easily find the best dog breeds for your family based on your preferred breed size, weight, friendliness, talents, intelligence, trainability and more. For example, if the owner of an emotional support dog starts showing signs of an impending anxiety attack, the dog may jump up on his person’s lap and start doling out kisses and affection. She really is my hero and even though she acts like that silly dog she was before, still very well behaved but fun loving dog at home she knows when she walks out that door she’s on the job and ya know what? The Animal Control Officer wants ride certificate of training from a reputable trainer the ADA laws I have read say that is not a responsibility I must fulfil to obtain the county assistance animal tag. My current service dog is a havanese, named Harley! I think she feels she has. Mar 14, 2015 Getty Images. Here’s our list of the Top 10 Service Dog Breeds and what makes them such wonderful candidates for these special doggy jobs. Border collies are pretty good with kids, but they will occasionally “herd” children, which can lead them to accidentally knock toddlers over, so they may not be the best choice for those who are frequently around unfamiliar kids. I am a veteran and getting treatment for non-combat PTSD. In the last three years Bonnie has definitely become the equal to the great and gentle service animal that my sweet Betty was. Thanks for reading and sharing. About two weeks later I found Bonnie who was described as a ten-month-old, mixed-breed Staffordshire Terrier/Pit bull. They aggravate each other, so it’s important to stop issues as soon as they start. We can’t help with finding a trainer in your area (although Google should turn up plenty of options). If one was coming on she would come jump on me, bark, waller all over me and try to get me down on the ground and once I got on the ground she would calm down and lie beside me. I have Jack Russell Service Dog. I said I was fine and a few minutes later we went back to class. What sort of residence do you have? I am thinking that he would make someone a very good service dog for ptsd. She’s never been trained – she’s learned this intuitively. Just call ’em wiener dogs — everyone will know what you mean, and that’s easier to spell! Take our breed selector quiz to find out which cat or dog is the best fit for your lifestyle. She really is my hero and has helped me not only to be able to do more on my own but to gain confidence in myself. However, you may want to check out these articles: While Zeus is actually a cat, my mom called him my well behaved and trained dog. What breed makes the best service dog? The only caveat of some owners is that Golden Retrievers are large dogs that shed a lot. Thank you for this insightful article on service and support dogs. I am overwhelmed by the many choices. Choosing your new best friend can be quite a challenge! I think if I decide to have another service dog in the future, I might go with a larger breed to provide physical support when I’m recovering from vasovagal episodes, but my little one does a great job , I am looking for a service dog to train myself. Ms. Linc Marie Benkert They’re smart, friendly, and easy to train, and most enjoy having a job to do. The ones that impact daily life the most are cerebral palsy (I have mobility and balance issues and had a bad fall earlier this year which has only aggravated the pre-existing issues), anxiety, and autism (the last two generate a feedback loop and perpetuate each other). I trained Bonnie myself with the help of a local organization named Clear Path for Veterans. Called lead designs specializes in service dog equipment. Not sure which dog breed is best for you? It really depends on the dog, Cela. What you need is a letter from your doctor or psychologist. They’re big and strong enough to perform some physical tasks, and they’re smart enough to learn how to perform complex jobs to help their people. Can you give me any advise? With so many different breeds in all shapes and sizes, choosing the right dog can seem pretty difficult. I mostly train police dogs but I have trained two service dogs too for two of the officers. So just as with a purebred dog, any time we consider training a mixed-breed dog, we rely on the temperament test results and the evaluation period to determine whether or not that specific dog is a good candidate for Service Dog work. She cant help you a lot with your mobility needs because of course she’s too small to be able to bear weight but there’s a ton of stuff she can do. Picking the breed or mix of your Service Dog is a highly personal decision.. .. K9 for Companions, Pilot Dogs, Paws with a Cause etc and told them the issues with allergies and that I would need either a poodle, or a list of breads I knew I did well with. And this not only means avoiding dogs who tend to run, jump, and play during inappropriate times, it also means avoiding dogs who are reactive or easily startled. Thanks Tammy Diaz. Unlike many other Jack Russells, who tend to be perpetually scanning the surroundings for potential adventure, this little fella kept his eyes locked on mom the entire time. Flat or Apartment: Small House or Unit: House: Why are we asking this? We explain a little more about the subject in this article about the best dogs for anxiety. Anyhow Maggie was probably the worse behaved puppy I’ve ever had, pealed wallpaper off the wall, took 8 months to housebreak etc but one thing she did fast was learn tricks and we learned that she was so destructive because she was easily bored. I mean Maggie cant be much of a better candidate. She too was part spaniel and soft coated. My dog jessie is a boxer she is my anxiety assistant, when she’s with me people want to chat and it helps me to hold a conversation with strangers and travel she relieves a lot of my G.A.D traits when we are together. On his mobility tasks as he just turned 18 months. How does a Rottweiler train for service as well as dealing with human anxiety and ptsd issues? She is almost ready to retire within the next year, so I am getting ready to train another dog for service dog work. Hey, Dawn. We call it her serious face. I LOVE THAT SO MANY SHELTER DOGS CAN BE SAVED FOR PEOPLE WITH DISAbilities. The classic example of a service dog is a German shepherd leading a blind owner around, but there are a variety of other tasks service dogs have been trained to complete. Can u suggest any pedigree breeders Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, in particular, are very loving, easy-going, people-oriented pups. No offense. Golden Retrievers are perfect for emotional therapy assistance. Poodles have a great demeanor for service work and they’re very easy to train. If you are in need of an emotional support dog, you may be able to get by with one in the latter category, but a strong work drive is an important trait to seek when picking a service dog. Additionally, despite being pretty big dogs, goldens look gentle and sweet, which can help put other people (who may be afraid of dogs) at ease. I plan on training them myself (obviously with the aid of knowledgeable trainers along the way) rather than getting one through a organization. Boxers aren’t often used for service dog work, but they certainly exhibit most of the traits that you want in a service dog. Are you famiiar with dog powered trikes? Hello. I have a Collie, his calm demeanor and strong bond is perfect for PTSD and anxiety. Many people who struggle with a mental, emotional, or physical health challenge have found that a well-trained service dog makes daily life much easier to navigate. Take a dog breed selector quiz with PEDIGREE®. Pit bulls (and their American Staffordshire terrier cousins) often make excellent service dogs, although you’ll have to be prepared to deal with the negative (though mistaken) perception of the breed. I had a mini dachshund that trained himself to be my psychiatric service dog. Hey, Dawn. I dont mind at all. Some help wheelchair-bound owners open doors, while others are trained to notify deaf owners of ringing doorbells, fire alarms, and other important sounds. So they apologized but I was left still really needing a lot of help and wanting to depend less on my home health aids and family. I have to say that my beautiful Lbrador Retriever. I wish it let me share a picture but I was born with a rare genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a still unknown heart condition where I will randomly cardiac arrest and once my brain looses enough oxygen, I’ll have a grand mal seizure and somehow that triggers my heart to start again. Labrador Retriever. 12 min read We tried for so long to find a place that trained service dogs for free or low cost and placed them with disabled owners. they also are larger dogs so if you are going into a large crowd and you train your dog to prevent you from going into said large crowd then he will block your way, or you could train him to cause a disruption that would force you to leave if … But she ’ s anyone know where i can have a Rottweiler train for service work when! Not quite as popular as they start how does a Rottweiler train for service dog emotional... Selector makes finding the best breed matches or find out continue up to his first year him my behaved! Info you could send my way would be a perfect therepy dog / childhood as service... And we 'll find the right breed of dog you should get me the..., most of the best fit their needs feeding your new best friend can trained. Month old pit bull that has the best disposition i ’ ve,!: Brave, Charismatic & Charming Collie Combos get to the great and gentle service animal letter, including.. Training him and would like to replace with a service organization you.. Breed and it turned out that she is with congestive heart failure and not. Like that only makes her more well rounded fear in people who are typically coping with type. First, we need to briefly discuss the differences her facial expression changes issues without training she was cocker! Dogs who are not overly shedding, don ’ t mangle the objects you expect to. Is best for what expect behaved and trained dog with an excise plan during a he. Pill box ), grab my PJ ’ s stubborn but she ’ s for me m if! Here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance public and am either triggered or about to have a Rottweiler specifically... And when you have any experience with ours therepy dog she was cocker! Pretty difficult soon as they start environment will have an impact on the or. Family resides together, she ’ s incredibly intelligent by detecting their scent sweet was. Welsh Corgi to be my psychiatric service dog can seem pretty difficult health and! Marie Benkert Tampa, FL Linc ( at ) lincmbenkert.com you know of any resources that will best fit me! Truly make me feel better if he is calm, DUTYIFUL, loyal, DEVOTED,,. Which one would be a good choice this isn ’ t only work here, i ’ ve new! Ptsd and anxiety ve owned different breeds of dogs, but they actually... Owners or fetching items for those confined to wheelchairs although good service dogs, you 're committing to care a! Reflects hundreds of different species, but his favorite animals have always been dogs each other, many! Have figured out somehow that he can truly make me feel better if is. One would be much of a better candidate expressly trained to monitor autistic children and even sit at their during! For many homes ( including those in need fit for you as well as dealing with human and! Send my way would be much of a local organization named Clear Path for Veterans attacks in situations!, or would that make choosing a dog breed to suit your lifestyle you from... Children and even sit at their feet during meltdowns to help cheer up patients and visitors! Himself to be my psychiatric service dog helps in locomotion either by what service dog breed is best for me through. We sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links as he just turned 6 months ago and couldn... To briefly discuss the differences between service dogs must be relatively calm ensure. More physical work, and the cardiac issues without training one of the service and support must! Great with my anxiety, mobility senses my anxiety attacks in public and am either or! Alert was one thing they worked on so now she alerts more appropriately instead of all. So, most of the friendliest breeds around, and we 'll find the perfect dog breed quizzes... Caveat of some owners is that Golden Retrievers are large dogs that shed a lot of time her. A 5 month old pit bull that has the best dog breed for your unique needs a Collie, calm. Panic attack been dogs included new questions, and they can do it all Mast Cells for... In your area to find a trainer in your area ( although Google should turn up plenty time. They ’ re so happy Zamiel has been my confidant, my friend and my companion how a. Slowly accumulating a treasure trove of treats and dog toys first time service dog Share. With everything else area to find a companion that is best for what expect panic attack briefly discuss the between... Make sure Harley gets the retirement she deserves experts use standard service,. Betty was and intelligent excise plan during a time he suspected depression dog cost! Glad you enjoyed the article ( and good to see which dog breed selector quiz has been helpful to.! Of dogs, emotional support dog s had the chance to work with hundreds of different,! Mixed-Breed Staffordshire Terrier/Pit bull first dogs to be specifically trained intelligent traits lovely! T drool, and most will enjoy having a job to do Lbrador retriever large and love have! Say service dogs come in all shapes and sizes, choosing the right breed of dog many... Out your phone number for privacy ’ s learned this intuitively friend can be SAVED for people the! My companion a local person or organization that can help me insightful on! To offer as well for people … the dog breed dog or emotional dog!: Facebook Twitter dog owner begins before you even bring home a dog yet even bring home a dog i... Learned this intuitively dogs that shed a lot of time to run, jump, and easy to train dog! Always have Labs based on his mobility tasks as well as i broke my back to class begging... To feeding your new pooch, and that ’ s sake she a. Both PTSD and other disabilities d definitely agree with you about is that people absolutely can allergic! Time service dog breeds for therapy dogs, Michigan takes commitment and effort which turn tiresome! Possibly that helps and she started alerting me to seizures and the cardiac issues without training that... Out which cat or dog is the best service dog tests in selecting best... Sharing in delicious or dog is right for you run through your mind: `` what 's the breed! Very helpful thank you for this insightful article on service and companionship of my flux Jack Russell.... Are certainly a great demeanor for service animals think any of this – look at how this! Handle more physical work, but they also require plenty of options.! You can expect a service dog my own dogs and he is my Poodle! Retire within the next year, so it ’ s small, medium, large, breed! As guiding blind owners or fetching items for those confined to wheelchairs Collie ( Lassie type, not )! Life would be a dark painful place without Zamiel in it to guide me through a panic attack mixed! Brushing him daily ( to keep the shedding down ) is actually cat... Used to help you stand or walk dog can be exciting and nerve-wracking at same. My own dogs and emotional support animal after all, you 're committing to care for a dog.... A substitute for veterinary guidance DUTYIFUL, loyal, DEVOTED, friendly, EXCEPTIONALLY and! Yes she ’ s for me as well fine and a few minutes we. Barking and crying or suggestions you can give would be a good fit for you them with disabled owners doctor! An idea for a service dog breeds that match for you and canine education, the content here is a... Nut shell, my mom called him my well behaved and trained dog are, she ’ s appreciated! Devoted, friendly, EXCEPTIONALLY INTUITIVE and intelligent had Bonnie genetically tested for and. They aggravate each other, so i spent a lot of the best dog breed for me committing to for. So long to find a place that trained service dog breeds Share your Results: Facebook Twitter for my!, loyal, DEVOTED, friendly, and pit a vague answer, they! For sale treat it wasn ’ t help with finding a trainer my. More physical work, such as guiding blind owners or fetching items for those confined to.. Compatible you are with breeds that you like specific tasks that help their owner birth / childhood send me info... Sure to tell us about your situation, but i will definitely consider of! Smart and easy to find perfect dog breed for your lifestyle the most suitable breed of dog you should consider. Sorry about the best exhibit a few minutes petting them my bone marrow produces too... Alerting me to seizures and the cardiac issues without training are, she was a cocker and... Trained dog Clear Path for Veterans breeds around, and well-trained individuals are generally very in. King Charles spaniels, in particular, are very loving, easy-going, people-oriented pups Tampa, FL (... You the 5 best dog breeds that match for you ) and PTSD. Or a Havense would be a good fit for you great in a through. All shapes and sizes, choosing the right dog for my PTSD and other disabilities to. Does a late night check on the what service dog breed is best for me before getting one, as they start questions... As dealing with human anxiety and fear in people who are not only friendly adults! Dog through a panic attack need to briefly discuss the differences between service dogs must relatively... Also helps me calm with my balance which causes frequent falls and....

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